What is so fantastic about having one of your pieces custom milk painted? There are virtually no restrictions on colour. If we can't find the colour you want, we very likely can create it. Perhaps you've heard the word 'bespoke'. Well, we can 'bespoke'! So, if you always pictured that coffee table or cabinet in a muted blue - we can do that for you and you can learn to love your furniture again.


Here's where we take your chosen colour and either fade, brighten or age it! There are 3 wax finishes to choose from and all of them offer the same level of protection and durability. They are derived from beeswax mixed with a little carnauba wax. They offer various levels of sheen and will protect your painted finish.

Water-based poly and hemp oil finishes are also available depending on how you expect to use your piece. 


We work with an incredibly skilled upholsterer from Spring Tied Upholstery so if your piece includes a change of fabric, no problem! (The only dilemma you may encounter is in selecting your fabric from their vast selection of fabric swatches!)

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