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Voila! A perfect pet station.

Hall stand turned perfect pet station!

Before the world of 'built ins', things as simple as closets did not exist, Hard to believe but true! What did exist was a selection of various pieces of furniture that served very specific purposes. Hall stands, wash stands, bowl and pitcher stands. wardrobes..they were all necessities at one time. But these days what is to be done with these charming and typically well-made pieces? How about a reimagine..AND a repurpose?

Take for instance the antique oak hall stand pictured above. When I came across this piece it was obvious what needed to be done. I love when that happens! Old broken tin bowls that used to be housed in holes on the bottom shelf were there to catch the rainwater coming down off umbrellas that would be stored vertically. I commissioned two bowls from Dee of Earth Inspirations Pottery and requested a little paw print in each. Can you see what direction I was headed in? I've had pets almost my entire life and one thing I often puzzled at was what to do with their food bowls. They always seem to end up in awkward spaces or in prominent spaces but then they just looked kind of..well, messy! We love our pets so much we overlook these eyesores of course. What if we didn't have to?

So this hall stand is now the perfect pet station. It sometimes just takes a little creative thinking to find a new purpose for these pieces of history that add charm to any space. The bonus of this stand is the little cubby and the 4 gorgeous hooks. The cubby is the perfect spot for poop bags and treats. The hooks will keep leashes tidy and close at hand. Is there a piece of furniture history in your basement or storage that could be turned into a practical and pretty piece? Send me a pic and we'll brainstorm.

The pet station is now available at The Fiddleback Shack for $645 plus taxes.

(measurements: T: 76", W: 27", D:26")

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